How It Works: The Tailor Concierge Experience

At Tailors Bangkok, our aim is to make high quality bespoke clothing accessible to all, and removing the need for a physical store allows us to keep our costs down, passing these savings directly onto clients who can take advantage of our high-quality yet competitively-priced clothing.

As such, Tailors Bangkok comes to you for each step of the tailoring experience. Here’s how the Tailor Concierge Experience works when you choose Tailors Bangkok:

Step 1: Request an Appointment

The first step is simple. Request an appointment with Tailors Bangkok, whether you’re in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Khao Lak or Bang Saen. Let us know your preferred appointment date, time and location – so that we can drop by at your preferred time. Click here to make an appointment with us.

If you’re instead looking to meet with us during an international tailor visit, request an appointment through our visiting tailor form.

Step 2: Meet Our Tailor

The next step is to meet with our concierge tailor or dressmaker at your appointment time. To your preferred location – whether that’s your home, hotel or office – they’ll bring along several style guides that you can browse through for inspiration, along with fabric options that you can choose from for your custom garments, whether you’re looking to get a suit, a dress, a shirt, or something else.

You’ll also have your measurements taken during this appointment, so your clothes can be tailored exclusively to fit you rather than a standard size.

Step 3: Your Clothes Are Tailored

In this step, the magic happens. Your clothes are custom made by our skilled tailors and/or dressmakers in accordance with your size and design preferences.

After a certain amount of time depending on your required timeframe, your clothes will be ready for your first fitting.

Step 4: Fitting(s)

You now get a glimpse of how your custom clothes will look. During this fitting, you’ll be asked to try on your clothing to see how well it fits you and if any adjustments are necessary. This fitting will also take place at a location convenient to you, such as your home, hotel, or office.

If any adjustments are required, we’ll take the clothes back for the alteration and aim to have it with you for another fitting before they are ready to be delivered to you.

Step 5: Delivery

Congratulations! You now own clothes that were made exclusively for you – to fit you and based on your style preferences.

Perhaps you personalized an existing design to make it your own, or you came up with a truly original design from scratch. In either case, you’re wearing something truly unique – clothes that reflect your unique style sense in a way no ready-to-wear clothing can. Enjoy!

It’s that simple. And when you choose Tailors Bangkok, you can trust that you’re getting high quality clothing for very competitive prices. Factoring in the convenience of not having to make your way to a brick-and-mortar tailor shop for each step of the process, what’s not to like? Book an appointment with Tailors Bangkok today.

Tailors Bangkok’s custom tailoring and dressmaking services are available in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Khao Lak and Bang Saen.