Tuxedo Tailor in Bangkok – Custom Tuxedos by Tailors Bangkok

Explore Tailors Bangkok’s tuxedo lookbook – we’ll work with you to customize your tuxedo to your style preferences.

With Tailors Bangkok, you can get tuxedos tailored exclusively for you.

Discover why we should be your go-to tailor in Bangkok for custom-made tuxedos.

At Tailors Bangkok, we recognize that a well-tailored tuxedo is not just about style; it’s about comfort and confidence, and you can trust us to deliver a tuxedo that both fits well and is made to your different requirements. Tailors Bangkok’s brand may be relatively new, but our tailors have been making custom tuxedos for a long time.

We operate exclusively through a tailor concierge service in Bangkok. This means we have no physical storefront that you have to make your way through Bangkok’s infamous traffic to get to; rather, our tailors bring the tailor shop to you. The tailored tuxedo experience begins with your initial consultation, where the design of your bespoke tuxedo is finalized, you choose the fabrics for your tux from our wide selection and with our guidance where necessary, and we take your measurements. This is followed by fittings, where we see if any alterations are required; and lastly, with the delivery of your custom tuxedo to your home or hotel. This personalized service ensures that your tuxedo fittings are tailored to your convenience.

We believe in offering bespoke luxury without breaking the bank. By foregoing a physical storefront, we can maintain high standards of craftsmanship to offer high quality custom dinner suits in Bangkok for competitive prices. We save on rental costs, and we pass those savings onto you.

Contact Tailors Bangkok today to schedule a consultation with our talented tuxedo tailors, either via video consultation or through our Bangkok tailor concierge service.