Big Size Men’s Shirts in Bangkok – Tailored for You

Struggling to get big size men’s shirts in Bangkok? Explore the tailored option with Tailors Bangkok. With us, you can embrace comfort without limiting yourself to ready-made options and having to compromise on style – if any ready-made options are available, that is.

Tailoring Excellence

Tailors Bangkok proudly caters to all individuals. We can tailor you all sorts of garments for all sorts of sizes and from a wide array of fabrics. Our brand may be new, but our tailors have been making clothing for a long time, and we don’t only make shirts to fit you well but also in accordance with your style preferences.

Custom shirts with Tailored Bangkok isn’t just limited to dress shirts. We can also make you denim shirts, t-shirts, silk shirts, and polo shirts.

Excellent Fit for Ultimate Comfort

The true essence of a bespoke shirt lies in its fit. Tailors Bangkok’s team takes your precise measurements as you place your order for tailored shirts, so your shirt will be made exclusively to fit you.

The Tailor Concierge Experience

You may be surprised to learn that Tailors Bangkok operates exclusively through a tailor concierge service. We have no physical storefront and only a workshop where we tailor your clothes for you. This allows us to make the tailoring process seamless and stress-free for you as our tailors come to you, whether you have a house in Bangkok or are staying at a hotel – or prefer to meet at another location convenient to you – we come to you. This is the case for your initial consultation, any fittings, and your suit will be delivered to you as well.

Competitive Pricing

Tailors Bangkok believes in making bespoke luxury more accessible. One of the benefits of our tailor concierge approach is actually the key contributor to our competitive prices. By saving on rental expenses – which can often be hefty for Bangkok tailors depending on location – we can pass these savings directly onto you. This means that you can get tailored shirts in Bangkok in big sizes at competitive prices but without having to compromise on quality.

Embark on Your Custom-Tailored Journey

Tailors Bangkok invites you to get in touch with us to schedule a consultation with our Bangkok tailors and experience the transformative power of bespoke tailoring in Bangkok. Discover the joy of wearing big size men’s shirts that are made exclusively for you by experienced tailors.