Choose Tailors Bangkok for Custom Clothing in Southeast Asia

Cities across Southeast Asia are known for their fine tailoring services and often affordable prices. Here’s why you should choose Tailors Bangkok for your custom clothing requirements in Southeast Asia.

Thailand, known increasingly as a destination for high quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, has carved a niche for itself in the global tailoring arena. Tailors Bangkok proudly carries this legacy forward, adding to it the convenience of concierge tailoring and maintaining a high standard of quality while offering competitive prices.

Tailor Concierge: Elevating the Bespoke Experience in Bangkok

Tailors Bangkok redefines the bespoke experience with our innovative tailor concierge service. We have no physical tailor shop in Bangkok; rather, our tailors bring the fitting room to you, whether that’s to your hotel room, your residence, or another location that is convenient to you. This is the case for your initial consultation and fitting(s), and your tailored clothes will be delivered to you once completed as well.

Crafting Elegance Beyond Borders

If you don’t have plans to visit Bangkok just yet, we have options for you too.

Our visiting tailor service gives you the opportunity to meet with our tailors when they’re in your city. Tailors Bangkok’s visiting tailors travel to cities across Europe, Australia, the United States and Canada several times each year. If you head a company and wish to get custom suits for your employees, then we can normally visit your office. In other cases, consultations will be held at a hotel suite in a location that is convenient for most of our clients.

Video consultations give you the opportunity to meet with our tailors at any time of year over a video call. During these video consultations, we go over design ideas and fabric options with you and guide you through taking your measurements, which will normally be a combination of measuring yourself and measuring your own clothing.

Competitive Pricing, Uncompromised Quality

Tailors Bangkok’s pricing is highly competitive considering the quality of our clothing. Not operating a physical storefront and operating an exclusively tailor concierge service means that we save on hefty rental expenses – especially when compared to tailor shops located in prime locations – and we are able to pass these savings directly onto you. This means you can get custom clothing at competitive prices without compromising on quality.

Embarking on Your Tailoring Odyssey

As you embark on the journey of personalized elegance in Southeast Asia, Tailors Bangkok invites you to choose a tailor that transcends the ordinary. Contact Tailors Bangkok today to register your interest for our visiting tailor trips, or to schedule a consultation in Bangkok or through video.

Join us in crafting a wardrobe of high quality custom clothing that is not only made to fit you but is also reflective of your unique style sense.