Custom Dresses in New York – Tailors Bangkok Trunk Shows

Are you looking to get a dress made exclusively for you? Consider meeting with Tailors Bangkok at one of our trunk shows in New York, where you can get high-quality dresses custom-made for reasonable prices.

Our exclusive trunk shows bring Tailors Bangkok’s dressmaking services directly to you, in New York City. We work to tailor a dress not only to fit you but also to reflect your own style preferences. Whether you have a design in mind and wish to personalize it to suit your own style preferences or you wish to work with our dressmakers to come up with a truly original design, we’ll work with you to make something extraordinary.

Join us at our next NYC trunk show and see why you should have been getting dresses custom-made with Tailors Bangkok all along.

Why Get Dresses Custom-Made With Tailors Bangkok?

  1. Excellent Quality: At Tailors Bangkok, we pride ourselves on making high quality dresses. Each of our dresses is made by a dressmaker with extensive experience and a passion for perfection, so you can expect exceptional quality and attention to detail.
  2. Personalized Design: Your dress should be a reflection of your individual style and personality. With Tailors Bangkok, you have the opportunity to come up with a truly original design for your dress, should you wish to do so. If there is an existing design that you like, we can also tailor you a dress based on such design.
  3. Great Fit: One of the key benefits of custom dressmaking is achieving a great fit – one that you can feel comfortable and confident in. We will work with you to see what sort of fit you prefer as we take your measurements as well, taking this into consideration when we make your custom dress.
  4. The Trunk Show Experience: Our trunk shows in New York offer a unique opportunity to view our latest dress designs and meet with our team of tailors and dressmakers in person. You can experience the luxury of custom dressmaking firsthand and discover the endless possibilities for a custom dress.
  5. No Hidden Costs: When you are quoted a price at our trunk show, this is the entire amount you will have to pay for your described dress. Shipping costs are included, and we use a prepaid tax courier so there are no taxes to be paid by you. Your custom dresses will arrive right at your doorstep once shipped to you.

How It Works: Custom Dresses with Tailors Bangkok

  1. Express Your Interest: Let Tailors Bangkok know you’re interested in meeting with our visiting dressmakers when they’re in town, and we’ll let you know when they’re headed to NYC so you can request an appointment at a time convenient to you.
  2. Consultation: At your consultation, normally held in a centrally-located hotel suite, you will find a large number of lookbooks to browse through with various dress designs, along with fabric samples you can choose from.

    If you already have in mind the design for your dress, then we can also work with you to understand the design and/or to personalize it to your preferences. Or, we can even work with you to come up with a truly original design that is reflective of your unique style and personality.

    We will also take your measurements during this consultation, so your custom dress can be tailored exclusively to fit you.
  3. The Magic Happens: Sit back and relax as our dressmakers make your custom dress. We’ll take the time to make your dress according to your style preferences during this step.

    Once your dress has been made and passed a thorough internal Q.C. process, Tailors Bangkok will courier it to you – so you will receive your dress a matter of weeks after your consultation with us in New York City. We use a prepaid tax courier, so it’ll arrive right at your doorstep, with no import taxes or hidden charges to worry about.

Join Us at Our Trunk Shows in New York

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience Tailors Bangkok’s dressmaking services. Join us at our trunk shows in New York and get dresses tailored exclusively for you for reasonable prices. Contact us today to express your interest and begin your journey towards owning a truly bespoke dress made just for you.