Kansas City Traveling Tailor Visits by Tailors Bangkok

Tailors Bangkok is thrilled to offer traveling tailor trunk show appointments for our visits to Kansas City.

With 2-3 visits a year, this is your opportunity to experience the luxury of our custom-tailored garments without having to make the trip to Thailand. Competitively-priced, high quality, and tailored to your size and style – that’s what you get when you choose Tailors Bangkok as your custom tailor.

Discover the Benefits of Tailors Bangkok’s Traveling Tailor Service

1. Personalized Convenience and Comfort

Our traveling tailor service is designed with your convenience and comfort in mind. We tailor each consultation based on your level of experience with having clothes tailored, advise on bundles that may suit your taste and budget, and so forth. It is catered to your unique requirements. This means that we are even available for appointments before you head to work in the morning or after that late evening meeting, depending on when is convenient for you.

2. Expert Tailoring

Tailors Bangkok’s traveling tailors and dressmakers have extensive experience making men’s and women’s custom clothing, catering to different requirements and preferences. Each trunk show appointment is your opportunity to receive finely tailored clothes, made according to your requirements.

3. Exclusive Fabric Selection

During our visit, you’ll be able to browse through a large selection of fabrics, both premium options and those that may be more budget-friendly. It is quite possible that you will like several fabrics from our selection, and we’ll be on hand to advise about the different details, so you can choose appropriately.

4. Versatile Options

Tailors Bangkok can tailor you a variety of different garment types, including complex gowns, casual clothing, and more.

5. Competitive Prices

Our prices are highly competitive, especially when you consider the quality of our clothing. Take advantage of one of our mega bundles and get even greater value for money.

How Our Traveling Tailor Service Works

Step 1: Express Your Interest

Express your interest in meeting with our Kansas City visiting tailors and we’ll let you know whenever we’re headed your way.

Step 2: Book an Appointment

Once you have been informed about an upcoming traveling tailor visit to Kansas City, you will be able to book an appointment at a time convenient to you.

Step 3: Consultation and Measurements

At your trunk show appointment, you will be able to browse through various style books that you can draw inspiration from and fabric options that you can choose from for your custom clothing. Our tailor/dressmaker will discuss your clothing needs and style preferences with you, and advise where necessary. They will also take your precise measurements – with your input about what sort of fit is comfortable for you – so that we can tailor your clothing to your size. This way, you can end up with clothes that both fit you well and reflect your unique style sense.

Step 4: The Magic Happens

We’ll begin working on your custom clothing once we have returned from our visiting tailor trip. They will be tailored with meticulous attention to detail.

Step 5: Q.C.

Once your garments are ready, they will first go through a thorough internal Q.C. process to see that they are made to your exact size and style specifications. Our goal is to provide you with clothing that feels comfortable and looks great.

Step 6: Delivery

Once all adjustments are completed following the Q.C. process, your custom garments will be delivered to you. You can now enjoy clothing that is tailored exclusively for you.

Express Your Interest in Meeting with Tailors Bangkok in Kansas City

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience fine custom tailoring with Tailors Bangkok in Kansas City. Express your interest in meeting with Tailors Bangkok’s traveling tailors and and begin your journey to exceptional style.