Minneapolis Traveling Tailor – Tailors Bangkok International Visits

If you’re a Minneapolis or Saint Paul resident looking to get exceptionally-tailored men’s or women’s clothing, consider Tailors Bangkok’s traveling tailor service to Minneapolis.

This is your opportunity to experience the luxury of our competitively-priced custom tailoring services in Minneapolis, brought to you all the way from our home in Thailand.

Why Choose Tailors Bangkok?

  • Reputation for Excellence: Tailors Bangkok is being increasingly recognized for our high quality custom tailoring services, delivering exceptional custom clothing to clients from all parts of the world.
  • Tailored to Your Style and Size: Our traveling tailor service in Minneapolis is designed to cater to your unique needs and style, so that you may end up with clothes that are truly made to fit you and reflect your individuality. We understand that different individuals have different preferences and tailor our services to meet these specific demands.
  • Competitive Pricing: Despite the quality of our clothing and the personalized service we provide, our pricing remains competitive. We believe that luxury tailoring should be more accessible, offering excellent value for money – especially when you choose one of our value bundles.

How Does It Work?

1. We try to make the tailor trunk show experience a seamless one for our clients, old and new. It begins with you expressing your interest in meeting with us in Minneapolis, so we know to let you know when we’re headed your way. Once we’ve got a trip planned, you’ll be able to book an appointment at a time convenient to you.

2. Once you arrive at our trunk show location, you will find a large number of fabrics that you can choose from, with varying qualities and characteristics. Likewise, you’ll be able to browse through lookbooks for various types of garments. We’ll work with you to design your custom garment, so that you may end up with truly unique clothing; and will take your measurements so your clothes will be made to fit you. We will ask for your input several times throughout this trunk show consultation so that we can truly understand what you’re looking for in your tailor-made clothing.

3. Once we’ve returned from our traveling tailor trip, we’ll begin tailoring your custom clothing back in Thailand. After a matter of weeks, your clothes will be ready and will go through a thorough internal Q.C. process to see that they are made to your precise requirements, before they are sent out to you. It’s that simple.

Express Your Interest Today

Experience the luxury and convenience of custom tailoring with garments that fit well and exude sophistication when you choose Tailors Bangkok’s Minneapolis traveling tailor service. Contact us today to let us know you’re interested in meeting with our Minneapolis visiting tailors and we’ll let you know the next time we’re headed your way.