Outsource Tailoring to Thailand

Tailors Bangkok opens its doors to tailors and retailers abroad, offering a seamless and collaborative outsourcing opportunity for your ready-to-wear and custom clothing requirements.

We provide a range of flexible options tailored to accommodate the requirements of our global partners. Whether it’s utilizing our fabrics or your own, assisting your clients with the measurement process via video consultations or using the measurements you provide, or adapting to unique designs, our services are designed to exceed expectations despite our competitive prices, making Tailors Bangkok the ideal partner for outsourcing tailoring requirements to Thailand.

The Tailors Bangkok Advantage

At Tailors Bangkok, we take pride in our flexibility. Particularly if this is the first time you will be outsourcing your tailoring or clothing manufacturing requirements, then we can work with you to find a partnership solution that will be both convenient and mutually beneficial. Whether you own a retail store and sell ready-to-wear suits or own a tailor shop in Sydney or New York City, we can work to your requirements.

For ready-to-wear clothing, through our clothing manufacturing service, we can utilize your fabrics for the ready-to-wear suits or our own, we can use designs that you provide or we can come up with styles we believe would be appealing to your clients, and so forth. These choices will of course also determine the pricing structure in our arrangement.

For our tailored clothing option, this will also extend to sizing – we can either use measurements that you have taken or meet with the clients directly through video consultations and assist them in measuring clothes that fit them well – or asking someone they have present to measure them up, with us overseeing the measurement process. Likewise, we are flexible when it comes to how you wish to convey the client’s stylistic requirements for their custom clothing – we will, of course, discuss this with you in advance to ensure a clear understanding for all orders on both ends.

Apart from our flexibility, our tailors also have extensive experience making all sorts of clothing for clients working in an array of different professions and from different parts of the world. Our brand may be new, but we’ve been doing this for a long time.

Another key reason to consider partnering with Tailors Bangkok is our competitive pricing structure. If you outsource to other Bangkok tailors, consider that many will have steep rental expenses and a chunk of these rental expenses may be relayed onto you, as a client/partner, in their pricing structure. Tailors Bangkok only operates from our workshop. Even in Bangkok, we operate exclusively through a tailor-on-call service, so we don’t have any such ‘surcharges’ to pass onto you. This allows us to offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of our garments.

Tailors Bangkok: Your Tailoring Partner in Thailand

Partnering with Tailors Bangkok for outsourcing tailoring and clothing manufacturing needs means embracing quality, precision, and reliability. Our global partners can rest assured that their requirements are in the hands of an experienced team committed to delivering exceptional craftsmanship and service.

Whether you’re a tailor or retailer looking to outsource your tailoring/manufacturing requirements, Tailors Bangkok is ready to collaborate with you. Contact us to express your interest and/or to discuss your requirements.