Suit Maker in Bangkok

At Tailors Bangkok, we aim to make suits that really speak to you and reflect your style preferences. We think that a well-made suit goes beyond being just an article of clothing; it becomes an embodiment of your personal style.

Our brand may be new but our tailors have plenty of experience making suits to the preferences of different clients.

Why Choose Tailors Bangkok as Your Bangkok Suit Maker

  1. Bespoke Excellence: Tailors Bangkok specializes in bespoke suits. When you have suits tailored with us in Bangkok, we can work with you to customize different details to reflect your personality in a way you just cannot achieve with off-the-rack suits.
  2. Tailor Concierge: There’s no longer a need to make 3-4 visits to a brick-and-mortar tailor shop each time you want a new set of suits – for your consultation, your fitting(s), and to pick up your suit(s). Now, you can experience the convenience of our suit makers coming directly to you for each step of the tailoring process, whether that’s to your home, hotel, or office.
  3. Extensive Fabric Selection: Choose from a large selection of fabrics, including various cotton, linen, wool and cashmere options for your bespoke suit.
  4. Reasonable Pricing: Our suits are reasonably priced. By operating exclusively through a tailor concierge model and foregoing a physical storefront, we can save on the bulk of our rental expenses and these savings are passed directly onto you. The result? High quality suits for reasonable prices without compromising on quality.

How It Works

  1. Consultation: Contact Tailors Bangkok to schedule a consultation with our Bangkok suit makers. A member of our team will drop by your chosen location for your consultation and you will have the opportunity to go through your preferences for your custom suit(s). You will also be able to go through fabric samples and suit lookbooks, and will have your measurements taken during this consultation.
  2. Fitting(s): We will come to your preferred location for 1-2 personalized fittings during this stage. This will allow us to see if any alterations are required, if you find the fit comfortable, and so forth.
  3. Making Your Suit: Our suit makers will complete the process of making your bespoke suit.
  4. Delivery to Your Doorstep: Once your suit is complete, we’ll deliver it directly to a specified location. There’s no need to make your way to a brick-and-mortar tailor shop at any point in the process.

Experience Tailors Bangkok

Choose Tailors Bangkok as your Bangkok suit maker. Contact us today to get started with the process of having suits made to reflect your unique style.