Are Clothes in Thailand Cheap?

Thailand is perceived by many as a great destination to get all sorts of affordable clothing, ranging from t-shirts and shorts all the way to custom-tailored suits and tailcoats. But are clothes in Thailand really as cheap as they’re made out to be? Let’s take a look.

The Perception of Cheapness

It’s no secret that Thailand offers a plethora of shopping opportunities, from sprawling outdoor markets to modern shopping malls. Visitors are often drawn to the seemingly low prices displayed on clothing items, leading to the assumption that clothes in Thailand are inherently cheap. But are clothes in Thailand actually cheap? And even if they are, are they good quality clothes? Cheap in price does not mean poor in quality, after all.

Quality vs. Price

While it’s true that some clothing items in Thailand may come with relatively low price tags, it’s essential to know where to look or you may end up significantly overpaying for something that’s a fraction of the price just down the street. A lot of the shopping destinations that have become popular with tourists due to previously low prices now primarily cater to tourists, and so stores/vendors in these locations also tend to change with this dynamic.

Even so, you may end up with a bargain considering how much you would end up paying for the same thing back home. This is the case for simple t-shirts and shorts but you can also get reasonably-priced yet high-quality custom-tailored clothing here, as long as you engage the services of a trustworthy tailor.

Tailored Solutions: The Real Value

At Tailors Bangkok, we offer custom-made clothing tailored to fit your unique measurements and style preferences. We offer you the opportunity to get something truly unique – clothing that can reflect your unique style sense and individuality like no off-the-rack clothes can. And, we’re not here to overcharge you for poorly-tailored clothing. Notice our motto – Since when are quality clothes and low prices mutually exclusive?

Our tailors have been making suits, shirts, dresses and other clothes of vastly different styles for a long time. We have the skills you need to make truly unique clothing, and this comes with personalized service and reasonable prices. In fact, our suits and dresses start from just 8,000 THB – and these are suits and dresses made by experienced tailors and dressmakers.

How are we able to offer custom-tailored clothing at lower prices, you ask? Tailors Bangkok foregoes operating a brick-and-mortar tailor shop and instead opts for an exclusively tailor concierge business model. This means we come to you for your initial consultation and return for your fitting(s), whether to your home, hotel, office, or another location that you find comfortable and convenient. Once your clothes are complete, they are delivered to you as well. There’s no need to make your way to a brick-and-mortar tailor shop at any step of the process. This business model allows us to offer you greater convenience but also allows us to save on oft-hefty rental expenses for prime locations. The result is that you’re not contributing to these high rental expenses when you buy tailored clothing from us, as you might be when you engage the services of many of our competitors; so there’s no sacrificing on craftsmanship quality when you choose Tailors Bangkok.

Are Clothes in Thailand Cheap?

The answer is not as straightforward as it may seem, and you may end up overpaying for clothes depending on where you go. Regardless, you will find that clothes in Thailand may be significantly cheaper than they are in most parts of the world, and this extends from simple t-shirts all the way to full canvas suits.

At Tailors Bangkok, we invite you to discover the real value of custom-made clothing that stands the test of time. Click here to contact us and take that revolutionary step towards custom tailoring. Tailors Bangkok operates in Bangkok, Phuket, Khao Lak, Pattaya, and Bang Saen.