How Long Does It Take to Make a Suit?

When considering a custom-tailored suit, one of the most common questions is, “How long does it take to make a suit?” At Tailors Bangkok, our focus is on making high quality custom clothing that reflects your unique style sense and fits you well, not so much on getting your clothes to you “the same day” or otherwise.

Notwithstanding, we can accept and deliver suits to you in as few as 2-3 days, assuming you will be available for at least one fitting. This is our expedited option, where we prioritize your suits. We do normally ask for at least 3-5 days and two fittings, however.

The time required to tailor you a suit depends on several factors – primarily the complexity of the design and your choice of fabric, but in some cases also our workload at the time of placing your order, your availability for fittings, and other factors. Here’s a detailed look at the suit-making process and what you can expect in terms of timelines.

Initial Consultation and Measurements

The first step to having a suit tailored is your personalized consultation. With Tailors Bangkok, this consultation can take place at your home, office, hotel, or anywhere you find convenient. Our tailor will drop by and work with you to understand your style preferences, go over fabric choices and requirements, and take your measurements during this consultation. This takes around 40 minutes to 2 hours, depending on your requirements.

Making the Suit and Fittings

Following your consultation, we will begin making your custom suit in accordance with your style preferences. Our tailors will take great attention to detail as they carefully tailor your suit – and we’ll meet with you for a fitting where you will be able to try on your suit and see what adjustments need to be made in terms of fit. We will accordingly make the required adjustments. This step is normally repeated unless you mentioned you require your suit promptly, such as for a special event. The first fitting takes around 30 minutes to an hour, and will take place 1-2 days after your initial consultation.


Once your suit is ready for you, it will be delivered to your preferred location in Bangkok.

If you mentioned you need your suit quickly, this will take place around 2-3 days after your initial consultation so that you can receive your suit in time for your special event. If not, you can expect the delivery of your suits to be completed 3-5 days after your initial consultation.

Why Choose Tailors Bangkok?

At Tailors Bangkok, we are committed to providing exceptional craftsmanship and personalized service. Our experienced tailors work diligently to see that each Tailors Bangkok suit is reflective of our high standards and workmanship. Factor in our competitive pricing and convenient on-site tailor service and it’s hard to beat opting for Tailors Bangkok’s custom tailoring services in Bangkok.

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