Bangkok Tailor for Trans, Queer and Non-Binary People

Tailors Bangkok provides bespoke tailoring services to all individuals, including but not limited to trans, queer and non-binary folk. Simply put, we cater to everyone regardless of gender identity.

Discover why Tailors Bangkok should be your trusted partner on your journey to bespoke elegance.

Expert Tailoring for Every Individual

Our tailors take pride in producing garments that align with your unique style, preferences, and body shape. This is what we do, as tailors. Whether you’re seeking a tailored suit, a dress, or another bespoke garment, we tailor the garment to fit you and to reflect your style preferences.

It is normal for one individual to have different requirements to the next, and the beauty of bespoke tailoring is that you can get exactly what you want made exclusively for you, to suit each of your requirements. Some individuals may want two back pockets on their trousers, others may want just one, etc. If you’re looking for MTF clothing or FTM clothing, or have any other requirements, we are here to listen to your requirements and assist you accordingly.

Comfortable Spaces for Every Fitting

Tailoring experiences at Tailors Bangkok are designed to be comfortable and accommodating for everyone. Tailors Bangkok operates exclusively through a tailor concierge service in Bangkok. We have no physical storefront. This means that fittings take place in spaces where you feel most at ease – whether it’s at your home or hotel room, a meeting room at your office, or another location that is comfortable and convenient for you.

Competitive Pricing for the Quality

Tailors Bangkok believes that bespoke tailoring should be accessible to everyone. We are able to offer very competitive prices despite the high quality of our clothing due to our unique business model. By foregoing a physical storefront and operating exclusively through a tailor concierge service, we are able to save on rental expenses and can pass those savings directly onto you when you order personalized clothing.

Experience Tailors Bangkok

When you choose Tailors Bangkok, you’re not just choosing a tailor; you’re choosing high quality clothing for competitive prices from an inclusive tailor with extensive tailoring experience. Our brand may be new but we, as tailors, have been making personalized clothing for a long time. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and experience the transformative power of bespoke tailoring.

At Tailors Bangkok, your identity is welcomed, embraced, and beautifully expressed through tailor-made garments.