Why Get Bespoke Suits in Thailand

It’s quite possible that one or more of your friends previously traveled to Thailand and returned with a suit of some sort – likely a made-to-measure suit, but quite possibly a custom suit as well.

Let us dig into why getting a suit made in Thailand is so appealing, and immerse yourself in the essence of bespoke elegance with Tailors Bangkok’s tailor concierge service, where craftsmanship, convenience, and tailored excellence converge.

Tailoring in Thailand

Thailand has been celebrated for its high quality yet affordable tailoring services for some time. It can seem like a hit or miss depending on the experiences of your friends and family members, but the fact is that there are many reputable tailors here – tailors with extensive experience making suits for clients working in all sorts of professions and from all corners of the globe. Simply put, it’s important to go to the right tailor. Take Tailors Bangkok, for example. Our brand may be new but our tailors have been making suits for men and women for years.

Fabric Selection

A hallmark of the bespoke experience is the freedom to choose from a diverse array of fabrics. You’ll find plenty of fabric options at many of the tailor shops in Thailand, and these fabrics will often be suited to different style preferences and occasions. At Tailors Bangkok, we have an extensive selection of fabrics ourselves despite operating exclusively through a tailor-on-call service. This means that you have more options to choose from to end up with a suit that truly speaks to you; a suit that is truly your own.

Tailor Concierge Service: The Epitome of Convenience

Tailors Bangkok takes the bespoke experience to the next level with a tailor concierge service that brings the fitting room to you. Whether you live in Bangkok or are staying in a hotel room, our tailors travel to you for your initial consultation and fitting(s), and your suit is delivered to your home, office or hotel once completed as well. This personalized service eliminates the need to navigate through the city’s traffic, especially if you prefer to drop by before you get on with your day or once you’re done with work, both options likely being during rush hours.

Competitive Pricing Without Compromise

Tailors Bangkok’s tailor concierge model allows for more than just convenience. It also affords you the luxury of custom tailoring at a competitive price. By foregoing a physical storefront, we are able to eliminate unnecessary costs – namely, hefty rental expenses which you will find that many other tailor shops – particularly those in prime locations – are paying. By saving on these costs, we are able to pass on said savings directly onto you, so you can still get high quality custom-made suits, but at a cheaper price point. That’s a definite win in our book.

Of course, you may come across surprisingly cheap suits in Bangkok – but if the cost of a decent fabric is already more than the cost of the suit you’re being offered, then it’s difficult to have high expectations.

Embark on a Bespoke Journey with Tailors Bangkok

Tailors Bangkok invites you to embark on a bespoke journey with us. Contact us to schedule a consultation and experience the transformative power of custom-tailored clothing, where every suit is made exclusively for you – to fit you and to suit your unique requirements – by our Bangkok tailors.