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Bangkok is a popular place to get custom-tailored garments, without a doubt. You probably ended up on this page because you know that it’s famous worldwide for custom-made clothing – but just how much does it cost to have garments tailored here?

Factors Influencing How Much Tailor-Made Clothes Cost in Bangkok

Like with almost everything, the cost of tailor-made clothing in Bangkok is multifaceted; and it goes beyond just fabric and design choices. Quality craftsmanship, the expertise and experience of the tailor, intricate detailing, custom embroidery, and the construction (in the case of suits) all play pivotal roles in determining the final cost of a garment. Even seemingly minor elements like the choice of buttons can have a notable impact on the overall price of the garment.

Beyond this, the location of the tailor shop often contributes to the price. Tailors operating at prime locations incur significantly higher rental expenditures, and this can consequently reflect in the pricing of their garments – and often to a large extent. This doesn’t mean, however, that the quality of clothing is uniform amongst all of the city’s tailors; or that you’re necessarily paying a premium when you to go a tailor shop located in a prime area. It’s more complicated than that. Let’s first look at how much you can expect to pay for shirts and suits in Bangkok.

Price of Tailored Shirts in Bangkok

A tailored shirt in Bangkok will cost between 1,000 and 3,500 THB. Good quality shirts will normally start at around 1,500 THB. There are various factors that go into the cost of your shirt, such as the fabric and your choice of buttons. In any case, price alone should not be an indicator of shirt quality – particularly at the higher end of the 800 to 3,500 THB range as you may be expected to bargain or the tailor shop you’ve stumbled upon pays a premium when it comes to rent, due to their location. At the lower end of this range, you normally do get what you pay for and it would be very rare to find a Bangkok tailor shop that can profitably offer you a high quality tailored shirt at 800 THB.

You can expect good quality custom shirts from Tailors Bangkok from just 1,500 THB.

Price of Custom Trousers in Bangkok

Like with other garments, the price of trousers will vary significantly based on your choice of tailor and fabric, and sometimes size and customization options as well. You might see custom trousers offered for suspiciously cheap prices or for upwards of 10,000 THB a pair.

At Tailors Bangkok, we offer custom trousers for a reasonable 2,500 THB a pair.

How Much Does a Custom Suit Cost in Bangkok?

The average price of a tailored suit in Bangkok will likely be around 6,000 THB. This figure in itself is not a great indicator because the cost of suits will vary significantly depending on where you go, and so will the quality. You might find custom suits for 4,000 THB and also for 20,000 THB. It’s fair to say that you probably will not get a very high quality custom-tailored suit for 4,000 THB. (We do have some ready-to-wear options that are currently around this price, in case you’re interested.) Good quality suits will start at around 9,000 THB; and at 20,000 THB, you can expect fully canvassed suits made from more expensive, branded fabrics. Three-piece suits will naturally cost a bit more than two-piece suits, but this range sufficiently covers both. And as with shirts, price alone should not be an indicator of suit quality. How much experience do their tailors have working with foreign clients? Are they charging a premium because of their location? How long have they been around – and if not very long, do they have the skills to match more experienced tailors? These are some questions worth considering when choosing a tailor shop.

Expect good quality custom suits for men and women from just 8,000 THB when you choose to get your suits from Tailors Bangkok.

Bangkok Dress Prices

If you’re looking to get a custom dress in Bangkok, then you can expect the price to vary significantly depending on complexity and, of course, where you have your dress made. Consider choosing a shop or studio with experience making women’s clothing. Tailors Bangkok’s team, for example, consists of seasoned tailors and dressmakers. You can expect good quality dresses from Tailors Bangkok from just 8,000 THB.

When it comes to wedding dresses, the starting price for Tailors Bangkok’s custom wedding dresses is 15,000 THB.

Our prices include the cost of the fabric.

If you’re looking to get a suit or shirt custom-made in Bangkok – or perhaps a dress or another custom garment – Tailors Bangkok would be pleased to offer our services.

What Makes Tailors Bangkok Different?

The true value of tailor-made clothing extends beyond the price tag, encompassing a myriad of factors that contribute to its craftsmanship. At Tailors Bangkok, our mission is to offer high quality clothing at competitive prices. The key to this lies in our innovative approach. We’ve adopted a tailor concierge concept, allowing our experienced tailors to meet clients at their preferred location – be it their home or hotel room – bypassing the need for a physical storefront.

By foregoing a costly physical location for our tailor shop, we eliminate the majority of our rental costs. This, in turn, enables us to cut out a large part of our expenses and allows us to offer custom garments at highly competitive prices without compromising on quality. It’s important to keep in mind that our prices are competitive considering the high quality of our custom clothing.

The team behind Tailors Bangkok has extensive experience custom making garments. Our brand may be new, but our tailors have been making clothes for a long time. Every garment we tailor is a testament to our commitment to superior craftsmanship and attention to detail.

With our tailor concierge service, we extend the ultimate convenience to our clients. From suits to dresses, our process is tailored to provide a seamless and personalized experience, making exceptional tailor-made clothing accessible at competitive prices.

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