Cost of a Tailored Dress in Bangkok

Curious about how much a custom dress costs in Bangkok?

Tailors Bangkok believes that a well-tailored dress is not just clothing; it’s a testament to your unique style sense. As we delve into the cost considerations, we invite you to explore the unique experience of having a dress made exclusively for you in Bangkok.

The Bespoke Consultation

The journey begins with a personalized consultation, a crucial step where our tailors delve into your preferences, style aspirations, and fit requirements. This one-on-one consultation sets the stage for your dress, which will not only be designed to fit you just the way you want it to fit but will also be made to reflect your personal style sense – so you can end up with a dress that truly speaks to you.

Fabric Choices

One of the primary factors contributing to the cost of a custom dress is, of course, your choice of fabric(s) for the dress. At Tailors Bangkok, you will find several fabric options for different preferences. Some fabrics may cost more or less than other options, but if you let us know your budget and requirements then we would be pleased to point out options that may be most suitable for you.

Customization: Your Personal Touch

Tailors Bangkok celebrates the power of individuality through customization. Some customization options may contribute significantly to the cost of a dress – this is often the case with intricate detailing such as complex embroidery, for example.

The Dressmaker’s Experience and Skill

They say ‘you get what you pay for’ and although you can certainly get high quality dresses made for reasonable prices in Bangkok, you can expect to pay more for dressmakers with more experience and skill. Some tailor shops may have limited experience with women’s clothing, so it’s best to engage the services of a tailor/dressmaker with true experience – and we, of course, think of ourselves as a great choice!

The Cost?

It is clear, then, that the cost of a custom dress in Bangkok will depend on various factors such as the fabric and intricate details – and even the amount of fabric required, but you can expect Tailors Bangkok’s prices to start at 6,000 THB. Complex gowns, for example, will naturally cost significantly more.

Cost of a Custom Wedding Dress in Thailand

The price of custom wedding dresses can also vary significantly when it comes to the detailing and your choice of fabric, but you can expect our prices for custom wedding dresses to be roughly 12,000 THB. More popular options – in line with the level of complexity – will start from 15,000 THB.

Our prices cover both the fabric cost and the work behind making you a wedding dress.

Why Tailors Bangkok for Your Custom Dress in Bangkok?

The Tailors Bangkok brand may be new but our tailors have been making women’s dresses for a long time. We have the experience you need to get a high quality dress, and we work with you through every step of the way so that you can get a dress that truly speaks to you. And when it comes to pricing, you will find that our prices are very competitive considering the quality of our clothing. Tailors Bangkok operates exclusively through a tailor-on-call service. This means that our tailors come to you, whether to your home, hotel room, or to another location convenient to you. We have no physical store, allowing us to save on hefty rental expenses, and we pass these savings directly onto you.

Embark on Your Bespoke Journey

Tailors Bangkok extends an invitation to embark on a bespoke journey where the cost of a tailored dress aligns with your style aspirations and budget. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our Bangkok dressmakers.