Tailor in New York City – Overseas Tailor Visits

Trip Info: Following our visiting tailor trip in February, our next visit will be later in 2024. Please get in touch with us for more information or to be notified when we’re in town.

New York City prepares to welcome Tailors Bangkok in 2024. In a city where trends are set and styles evolve, our overseas tailor visits promise a bespoke experience for those seeking personalized fashion. Join us at one of our NYC tailor trunk shows and discover why you should choose Tailors Bangkok for your custom-tailored clothing, whether you’re interested in getting custom suits, shirts, blouses, dresses, or other tailored garments.

During each Tailors Bangkok trunk show, our tailors bring a curated selection of premium fabrics and styles, offering you the opportunity to personalize them further so you can end up with garments that truly resonate with your personality.

The Tailors Bangkok Advantage

Excellent Fit: Each Tailors Bangkok garment is tailored to fit you, unlike store-bought garments which are made in accordance with set sizes. Our tailors take your measurements during your trunk show visit, and these measurements are used to tailor your clothes to fit your unique body.

Expressive Style: New York City thrives on individuality, and Tailors Bangkok celebrates this spirit. Our overseas tailor visits empower you to customize every detail of your clothing, from selecting fabrics to incorporating unique design elements that reflect your personal style.

Expert Craftsmanship: The Tailors Bangkok brand may be new, but our tailors bring decades of expertise to every garment, meaning you can expect exceptionally-tailored clothes when you choose Tailors Bangkok.

Value Bundles

Tailors Bangkok offers exclusive value bundles during our overseas NYC tailor visits. Our bundles provide an opportunity to get several custom clothing items tailored exclusively for you at a very competitive price, particularly when factoring in the craftsmanship quality.

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